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Donate to the THS Choir by shopping at Albertsons

When you shop Albertson's - they will donate money to the Tehachapi High School School Show Choir.... provided you link your Preferred Savings Card to Albertson's Community Partners Program.

Here is how you do it.

THE EASY WAY: At the Store

CLICK HERE and print the Albertson's partner's card. Take it to the store, and ask the clerk to link it with your Preferred Savings Card.


Hint: I looks like you can skip the steps in green type and go directly to the link "login or register with your Preferred Savings Card first"

Enter into the address field of your web browser.

If this is the first time you are visiting, enter your zip code into the box provided on the right-hand side of your screen and click on the arrow image. Once a zip code has been entered, click on the "In the Community" towards the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Community Partners logo on the right-hand side of the screen, located below the "see also:" heading.

Click on the "login or register with your Preferred Savings Card first" link.

Enter your Preferred Savings Card number in the box provided on the left-hand side of the screen under the "sign in:" heading. Then enter the telephone number you signed up with in the box provided. Once these 2 pieces of information have been entered correctly, click on the "LOGIN" button.

Once you have logged in, click on the "Find a Partner" image on the right-hand side of the screen to locate your local Community Partner organization.

A search page will appear allowing you to search by organization name, city, and state. Type in Tehachapi for the name, Tehachapi for the City, and Select California from the pull-down list. Then click the "Find A Partner" image.

On the list that is returned, check the box next to the entry:

Tehachapi High School; ID# 49000128063, 711 Anita DR, Tehachapi, CA

Next click on the "Add Selected Partners" image. This will link that Community Partner with your Preferred Savings Card, and they will begin earning contributions on your purchases immediately! On the next page click the Update image.

If this still does not work, then you can call Albertsons at 1-888-746-7252 and one of their agents will be more than happy to help you.